At our gym on the southside of indianpolis, we offer nutrition coaching to help you lose weight quickly - without crash dieting

At Strength School gym on the southside of Indianpolis, we have nutrition coaching for adults of all ages designed to help you lose body fat and flatten your stomach safely and sustainably. Although we encourage regular exercise to assist in dropping body weight, you do not have to work out at Strength School to become a nutrition client. Our diet philosophy is simple: small dietary changes, done consistently over time, and unique to each client, lead to big changes in how our clients look, move, and feel.

The first thing our nutrition clients do is complete a 25 question diet and lifestyle survey, which provides us with a comprehensive understanding of their current diet, challenges, and goals. Our survey includes questions about food allergies and intolerances, foods that you love and foods that you hate, your regular eating schedule and meal plan, medications or physician’s restrictions that may affect your diet and lifestyle, stress levels, sleep quality and quantity, and many other factors.

After we have reviewed your nutrition questionnaire, we then schedule a 30-minute, in-person consultation (and these can be done over the phone if needed, as we do with our out-of-state nutrition clients). During the initial consultation, we discuss the information from your diet questionnaire and your primary goals. We also make a recommendation as to how often we should check in with you (we have weekly, biweekly, and monthly check in options, depending on your preference and on how much diet accountability you feel that you need). At the consultation, we also offer our first nutrition change for you to make.

In our experience helping people lose weight, the smaller the number of changes we recommend, the easier it is for someone to stick to those changes. So we typically change just one of two dietary behaviors at each check-in. For example, we suggest a “No-Carb Breakfast” to most of our nutrition clients. The idea here is simple: eat zero carbs, or very low carbohydrates, at breakfast (or your first meal of the day, whenever that is). Instead, opt for proteins and fats only. Foods like beef, pork, chicken, fish, eggs, and bacon are almost exclusively protein and fat, with no carbs, and those would be great choices for our No-Carb Breakfast. On the other hand, many of the most common foods eaten at breakfast, such as cereal, toast, orange juice, oatmeal, and fruit, are off limits. We find that most people can easily make the switch to a No-Carb Breakfast and stick with that almost every day of the week (some clients make exceptions for special occasions, or Sunday breakfasts with family before or after church). And that one simple diet change can help many adults lose weight quickly, without crash dieting or something else that may harm their health. We’ve had dozens of clients lose 5-10 pounds in less than eight weeks just by switching to a No-Carb Breakfast, without any additional changes. So, again, we try to make just one or two changes at a time, which helps our nutrition clients stick to the plan and not feel overwhelmed starting a completely new and different meal plan.

Now, depending on specific nutrition coaching package you choose, your nutrition coach will check in with you either weekly, biweekly, or monthly. At each check in, you will be asked how you’ve been doing with your new meal plan changes and whether you can notice a difference or not. Some clients see changes in their bodies quickly, while others feel a bump in their energy and mood before their bodies start changing. Some clients lose weight fast, while others take more time. And, oddly enough, there some people who tend to lose weight in spurts - they may not see the scale change or notice a visual change in how they look for several weeks or longer, followed by a big drop in pounds on the scale and a substantial change in how they look in the mirror. It’s hard to predict what type of dieter you are, but keep in mind that your body is totally unique, and your weight loss journey will be too.

Donna celebrating her 2-year anniversary with our gym on the southside of Indianapolis with coach Alyx.

Donna celebrating her 2-year anniversary with our gym on the southside of Indianapolis with coach Alyx.


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